In addition to the importance and vulnerability of wild pollinators, the motivation for this project is the overall lack of data about wild pollinators in Croatia. Our project therefore aims to collect first standardized data about these two pollinator groups, conduct analyses, and identify measures for increasing their climate resilience in order to establish a foundation for future pollinator conservation. Given the current policies of the European Union, in which pollinators feature prominently and which raise climate ambitions, our project activities will also help us to meet environmental policy obligations to the European Union.

Project objectives of Cro Buzz Klima are:

  1. The collection of first standardized data on wild bees (Anthophila) and hoverflies (Syrphidae) of Croatia.
  2. Test the pollinator monitoring methodology proposed at the level of the European Union (EU Pollinator Monitoring Scheme).
  3. Determine the impact of climatic and other environmental factors on pollinator communities.
  4. Propose measures to increase the climate resilience of pollinator populations.
  5. Contribute to raising awareness of the importance of pollinators and climate change.
  6. Build capacities for pollinator monitoring and pollinator conservation in Croatia.